Dr Dominic Lee Tak Shing read medicine at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. He furthered his psychiatric training at Cambridge University, and later on studied social medicine at Harvard Medical School. He was previously a Professor at The Chinese University of Hong Kong and a Lecturer in Social Medicine at Harvard University.
He is currently in private practice, but continues to serve as Adjunct Professor of the Centre of Research and Promotion of Womens Health at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, as well as Associate Director of the Centre of Suicide Research and Prevention at the University of Hong Kong. Dr Lee holds the followings qualifications: Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (Hons), Doctor of Medicine, Member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists of UK, Fellow of the Hong Kong College of Psychiatrists, and Fellow of the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine (Psychiatry).

Dr Lee conducts research about depression, perinatal and reproductive mental health, suicides, and drug abuse. He and his collaborators have received numerous grants to study the psychological impact of -- and cultural issues pertaining to -- postnatal depression, charcoal burning suicides, rave party abuse, and depression. Dr Lee publishes widely in prestigious journals, including the American Journal of Psychiatry and the British Journal of Psychiatry. His works have been regularly featured and press-released. His works on charcoal burning suicide and the phenomenology of Chinese depression have been featured in Science, one of the most prestigious journals on biomedical research.

Since 1998, Dr Lee has been retained, by both defence and prosecution, as an expert witness to advise the Court on matters related to both criminal and civil cases. He has prepared more than 70 written reports and serves as an expert witness in the District Courts and the High Court.